We specialize in providing homeowners and developers the tools to maximise their aspirations and create stunning and functional living spaces.

Maximising your aspirations

We work closely with clients to understand their vision for a project and use our expertise to identify opportunities and anticipate any potential issues that may arise during the process.

With this understanding, we can advise on the best strategy to achieve, and maximise, your aspirations whether this be for new extension, loft conversion or annexe, and much, much more.

Our residential services include …

New Builds

Our team of experts can provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, from initial site assessments to final planning approvals. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and objectives, and provide practical solutions to meet their needs while ensuring compliance with all relevant policies, regulations and guidance. Our services include design assessments, site analysis, and planning application support, among others.


We recognize that extensions are an important aspect of property development, and our team of experts can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process. We understand that each property and each client’s needs are unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized while adhering to all relevant regulations and requirements. Our services include feasibility assessments, design advice and application management, among others.


We recognize the value of converting existing buildings to new uses, whether it is for commercial, residential, or mixed-use purposes and understand the potential complexities involved, and are able to provide practical solutions to suit our clients needs.

Replacement Dwellings

Our team of experts can provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, from initial feasibility assessments to final planning approvals. We understand the importance of careful consideration when proposing the replacement of existing buildings, and our team takes a thorough approach to ensure that our clients’ needs are met whilst being fully aware of specific local policy provisions. Our services include site analysis, design and planning applications, and project management, among others, working closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realised.

The process of getting planning for your project



Establishing a clear picture of the site from a planning perspective is essential in order to make informed decisions about the development of the area. This includes highlighting and understanding relevant designations, constraints, and other material factors that may affect the project.

Once this information has been gathered, a full planning strategy can be developed, identifying options and associated risks. This approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the site, enabling the identification of potential challenges and opportunities, and the development of a proposal that takes into account all relevant factors.



Before starting the application process, it is important to review the validation requirements for the specific application type and anticipate any concerns or requests from the local authority. This will ensure that all necessary documentation and information is gathered in advance, reducing the risk of delays or rejection.

Additionally, it is important to identify and coordinate any specialist consultants that may be required for the application, such as ecologists, transport consultants or flood risk specialists, and allocate their role in the process. Finally, it is crucial to confirm and address all relevant development plan policies to ensure compliance with local regulations and increase the chances of a successful outcome.



The process of submitting an application requires careful attention to detail. This includes compiling and reviewing all necessary documents for submission, including the completion of all forms and notices. Once the application has been submitted, it is important to monitor the progress, including responding to any comments from neighbours and consultees.

This also includes liaison with the local authority, negotiating with the local authority in an effort to achieve an agreeable scheme, representing the client’s best interest. It may also be necessary to attend and speak at the planning committee on the clients behalf, if required.



The role of a planning consultant is to guide the process to a formal determination. This includes analysing the relevant regulations and policies, gathering necessary documentation, and presenting the proposal in the most favourable light possible.

The consultant will work closely with the local authority and other stakeholders to ensure that the proposal is in compliance with all relevant considerations and that any concerns are addressed. Ultimately, the consultant will assist the client in navigating the complex decision-making process and in achieving a successful outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a planning consultant?

A planning consultant is a professional that provides expert advice and guidance to individuals, businesses, and government agencies on matters related to urban, rural and regional planning.

How long does it take to get a decision on an application?

Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex in which case the time limit is extended to 12 weeks. During this period there will be a period of approximately 4 weeks where any immediate neighbours will be notified about your application and given the opportunity to comment. While neighbours are consulted and invited to comment, together with parish councils (in England and Wales), only objections based on material considerations should be taken into account. It is often a good idea to speak with any neighbours before they are notified of your application to reassure them and deal with any concerns before they might object. If there are objections or the application is called into a committee by one of the local councillors, then the decision will be made by a majority vote by the local planning committee. At the planning meeting, you or your agent will be given an opportunity to address the planning committee, but this time is limited to a maximum of three minutes.

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